How to make money in the community cigarette retail outlet

talk about a shop to do business, the first thing you need to face is the location of the store. Speaking of site selection, nature is the bustling streets. However, the city is now almost a busy street shop rents are high, "good writings make people copy them. rental shops" directly pushed up the cost of shop. I shop hands when money is tight, shop location selection in front of the shop, not go downtown, but to look at a comparison with the prospect of the community, and select the entry channel ends smoothly, vehicular traffic and pedestrians can pass the position.

so, in the community shop, how to make money?

I think that business is better, should first rich brain, and constantly learn more charge".

in the daily operation, I am eager to consult the customer manager of tobacco companies cigarette marketing knowledge, learn from their peers to sell cigarettes skills. Every time the customer manager to visit the store, I will take the initiative to communicate with him cigarette brand cultivation, tobacco industry information, new knowledge. In addition, I often read through the "Oriental Tobacco news · Golden Week", "Oriental Tobacco news · golden week · Qingdao special edition", from the absorption of nutrients, the knowledge learned in the retail business.

secondly, try new cigarettes, take the initiative to find business opportunities.

as the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. Whenever there is a new cigarette, I will actively order, and as soon as possible to understand the origin of the cigarette, taste and other related knowledge, and then enthusiastically introduce new cigarettes to customers. Allow consumers to accept at the same time, but also to dig their own pot of gold.

I think that there are goods in order to have sales; there are sold, they will have to buy. As long as we pay attention to the display of the new cigarette, to recommend and guide the customer actively, can be in an invincible position in the fierce competition in the market, so as to enhance their management ability and level of marketing. Usually, as long as I heard the red funeral home, I always take the initiative to seek business opportunities, rather than wait, let it be.

no, I heard there was a young man in the community who wanted to marry a daughter-in-law. I immediately found him. "I heard you were getting married! We married when the smoke around with "Taishan" (red tin package) more, the cigarette packaging festive wedding, it is good luck and happiness……" My words said that the young man was filled with joy, even when he decided to marry, he chose the red tin bag".

finally, abide by the laws and regulations of tobacco monopoly, integrity management.

to do business in order to make a profit, we must first win the hearts of customers. Over the years, I have always been honest,