What are the market promotion methods of brand franchise stores

how to maintain a good store of a brand image, the key we have yet to see its marketing has incentive effect on how we look at the following methods, entrepreneurial opportunities bring us how.

1. Limited sales, rush to buy: the use of consumer holiday consumer psychology, Limited sales is an effective way to improve sales. Limited sales so that only a part of consumers get benefits, so often can form a scramble to buy the sales situation.

2. limited purchase, to create a high tide: holiday promotions will be divided into layers, limited purchase, is a powerful move to promote the promotion of the climax. Because of the limited time, many undecided people make up their minds to buy. Of course, want to let the sales situation must be hot, and other preferential measures combined with more effective ability.

3. presented down, sales doubled: use holiday activities to attract consumers, only provide gifts or some gifts and preferential service, consumers want to complete the gift or service must continue until the consumption activities to satisfy the conditions set. This method often let people stop feeling like a long line fishing, a step by step to catch consumer appetite.

4. advertising front, early action: during the holidays before the publicity of a product, the functional value of products, attracted the attention of consumers, to product a kind of mystery, causing a "veiled" feeling.

as brand stores, sales promotion is a good method for more promotional marketing methods, can bring the majority of entrepreneurial franchisees unexpected entrepreneurial accomplishments.

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