What is the development trend of the apparel industry

clothing industry is a sunrise industry in many industries, has a broad space for development, attracting the attention of franchisees. Entrepreneurs in the choice of investment projects, should choose a good market sales of clothing brands to join. Entrepreneurs understand the development trend of the clothing industry, it is more conducive to entrepreneurship. Xiaobian for you to introduce the development trend of the apparel industry:

1, fashion popular

With the change of

2, marketing network terminal brand value more and more attention to the enterprise

perfect marketing network is the enterprises to expand sales coverage, increase product sales, enhance the important basis of business scale. In recent years, with the improvement of domestic and foreign clothing chain network, the increase of the marketing network, the brand value of the network terminal is more and more valued by the enterprises. Marketing network terminal unified decoration style has gradually become an important channel for corporate marketing, brand promotion, brand image with terminal propaganda can significantly reduce the company’s advertising costs, and thus indirectly enhance the company’s sales performance, for example, ZARA  will be the world clothing giant; terminal as most major brand promotion means.

3, the importance of efficient supply chain management has become increasingly prominent

production outsourcing and franchise marketing network building of business model has been more and more used in domestic garment enterprises. This model can effectively promote the rapid expansion of the scale of operation, reduce the operation risk and realize the scale economy of the whole industrial chain. However, in this part of the design and production of all the enterprise business model, how to effectively coordinate the integration of planning, design, production, logistics, sales, and rapid response to market demand, put forward higher requirements of the garment industry to grasp the trend of popular enterprise supply chain management, supply chain management efficiency more important for enterprises and.

4, clothing enterprises have gradually developed to the retailer brand

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