How to price the product

no matter what age, luxury has its vast market, luxury handbags, hotels, luxury yacht club, these goods are always for them like crazy followers. Although these luxury goods are born with unparalleled charm, but it is still the price of the positioning of the University asked.

Q: why is luxury pricing more difficult than ordinary goods?

A: the biggest challenge is how to make people aware of the luxury goods. From the price of a luxury to publish, entrepreneurs must always bear in mind for their baby to wear a noble aura, determined not to let them become street goods.


Q: do consumers really understand what is "value"?

A: some consumers are called "old people rich", their hereditary ancestors fame, was well versed in luxury — which means they don’t know what is the real luxury brands, more of these brands of high and low level at.

Q: are there any other ways to improve value awareness