Xiao Bian recommended rural breeding projects

has a unique natural advantage in rural areas, the friends of the business in rural areas can consider the breeding industry this piece, so now the rural breeding industry to become rich? Xiao Bian this is ready to invest in rural small business friends to introduce a few good entrepreneurial projects.

recommended rural aquaculture enrichment project: special chicken

Special Chicken including silky chicken, chicken, pheasant and other varieties of lady. These rare species although the market demand is small, but because of its culture is still not formed the scale, market supply shortage, so the price is higher, and the current market demand is increasing, so farmers can choose a good project to get rich.

recommended rural aquaculture enrichment project: Abalone

before only a few local wild abalone. In 1998, the villagers Wei Jiufu was imported from Dalian more than 50 thousand in the South Island abalone breeding, caused a stir. Wei Jiufu took the lead into the abalone seedlings, a raise on the success of. Originally, abalone is suitable for the growth of water temperature is 10~28 degrees Celsius, the water temperature Nanri island waters; in addition, here the current urgent, no industrial pollution, the indicators are very suitable for raising abalone. Wei Jiufu’s more than 50 thousand abalone after half a year will be listed, because the local people rarely eat abalone, abalone and Wei Jiufu to Dalian to sell, the selling price of his surprise: 1 kg can sell 640 yuan. More than 50 thousand, he earned 500 thousand yuan. The news spread quickly, so many of the island’s original kelp, seaweed fishermen have changed abalone.

recommended rural aquaculture enrichment project: Rex

has many advantages in the development of the aquaculture industry in rural areas, if you intend to start in the rural areas, rural farming become rich.