Panlong e-commerce venture Park was formally established

provinces and regions to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, we must first understand the establishment of business incubator base for entrepreneurs to bring more entrepreneurial resources, the introduction of more venture capital. Panlong e-commerce entrepreneurial park has a clear positioning, to bring entrepreneurs is a very good platform for entrepreneurship.

focus on local venture capital circle

for entrepreneurs, venture capital ecosystem with high quality service and support entrepreneurs function is very important, whether to have the overall relaxed policy environment, whether there are more examples of successful enterprises, whether behind the investment institutions and investors to promote social interaction online communication connection and not the strength of the line business media resources, whether there are more physical space to support incremental influx of entrepreneurs, whether there is a good training and promotion activities salon knowledge and experience of interactive communication in the circle of venture capital…… All of these are the basic criteria for evaluating the quality of a city’s ecological environment.

2015 in December 8th, Panlong District e-commerce business park (hereinafter called Dragon entrepreneurship Park) was formally established in December 30th of the same year, the park has been awarded the "Kunming new entrepreneurial innovation incubator, the rapid growth of the park obviously.

also provide supporting services and venture capital function, features to create electricity supplier chain responsibility. The park will strive to build "online trading service, line management and distribution subsidiary, supporting service functions, support policy support, venture capital incubator mechanism smooth" new e-commerce demonstration park.

at the same time, the Panlong bureau deputy director general, director of the joint office of the electricity supplier Pioneer Park Lin Shuixin said, as of now, the park has 30 enterprises settled entity, virtual enterprises settled in the three or four, and more settled in the virtual enterprise intention. Park will strive to build a set of industrial and commercial, taxation, civil affairs as one of the integrated factory direct sales center for the park enterprises to save more time and energy to develop soft power.

"Panlong e-commerce business park opened before, after careful consideration, the electricity supplier accurate positioning of its own development path, will be based in Kunming, the province’s service industry, make full use of regional advantages, location advantages, combined with the Panlong industrial planning prospective research, focus on development of" Internet + "under the guidance of the service, the application of electronic business, intelligent manufacturing, cultural and creative industries, vigorously develop the service life and production services business enterprise." Lin Shuixin said.


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