Top ten brands of solid wood flooring

under the power of modern science and technology, the floor has more and more classification, which, solid wood flooring has become a representative of the floor of the environment, has been recognized by many people. In fact, the so-called solid wood floor is the floor decoration materials of natural wood dried, processed form, have a natural, soft, rich affinity texture, cool in summer and warm in winter, is an ideal material for the bedroom, living room, room decoration. In promoting environmental protection today, solid wood flooring is more precious. So now a lot of people in the decoration of the house will be the choice of solid wood flooring, and the face of the market a wide range of solid wood flooring, what brand of solid wood flooring is better? Here we talk about today’s more well-known solid wood flooring ten brands list.

solid wood flooring ten brands list of life

life founded has nearly twenty years, is derived from the Malaysia brand, it is one of the world’s largest antique flooring production enterprises, now in the country in many places to set up R & D and production base, originally enterprises have very rich forest resources in China, there is a perfect sales service system. Representative of the product is the home of · Baroque, this series of solid wood flooring in the world are very well-known.

solid wood flooring ten brands of peace of mind floor

is located in the wooden floor of the floor at Zhejiang Nanxun, from beginning to now have 20 years, in more than 1 thousand and 200 stores nationwide, comfortable floor as environmental floor leader in the world, the company has more than and 10 floors at the raw material supply base, from raw material collection, product molding each process is perfect, excellence. Always adhere to the "quality is life, the product is the character," the production concept, in Nanxun more than and 400 wood flooring enterprises, the annual sales accounted for the top three.

wood flooring ten brands list of nature

is one of the most famous domestic brands on the floor, the floor is almost China and nature flooring industry to grow and develop, has made a positive contribution to the development of China flooring industry, the nature of the floor now the country has nearly three thousand stores in the world to establish a number of raw materials supply base, its strength should not be underestimated.

solid wood flooring ten brands list of Anxin

Shun floor is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise’s brand, headquartered in Shanghai Chinese, Shun is a set of integrated materials, procurement, processing, circulation and sale of finished products, the advantages of end-to-end vertical integration enterprise, has a number of new technology patent products.

solid wood flooring top ten brands list of friends of the world