South Korea three bear

remember the famous Korean song? "There are three bears live together, Papa Bear, Mama Bear and baby bear… " you know, now out of a Hot pot called South Korea three bears Hot pot rice cake, just listen to the name reminiscent of childhood feelings.

joined the three bears South Korean rice cake Hot pot rice cake Hot pot to join the three bears, South Korea joined the headquarters in Shaanxi Xi’an Hot pot rice cake, South Korea three bears is the current champion rice cake Hot pot to join the brand, South Korea three bears the brand from South Korea, the 62 year history of Korean food in Chinese attention, already has 167 stores.

Korea three bears not only many kinds of food Hot pot rice cake, in joining in order to provide a platform for entrepreneurs, South Korea three bears Hot pot rice cake jiamengfei and joining policy are quite favorable, in order to ensure that each franchisee for how to make food and experience store, South Korea three bears are joining Hot pot rice cake one to one training, to ensure you can separate operation and make delicious food.

Korea three bears Hot pot rice cake is for national franchise Franchisee Recruitment, joined the call 400-029-1953, South Korea’s three largest investment Hot pot bear rice cake is the consumption of the vast majority of the population of young people locked in the body. They pursue fashion, grade. And young people eating habits to facilitate convenient, fast. South Korea three bears Hot pot rice cake can satisfy this point, the headquarter is the only one at the same time, the traditional and modern technology of double teaching enterprise, one on one training, senior consultant of selfless guidance, let you completely grasp the delicacy secret, let you shop can save time, worry, stress.

rice cake hot pot to join the Republic of Korea three bear rice cake hot pot to join the advantage:

brand advantage: the first brand of China’s Korean food industry, South Korea’s famous brand of three bears, lifetime authorization, free of charge to provide decoration design drawings, enjoy the protection of the market.

product advantages: South Korea three bears products have four series, namely gimbap series of more than 50, the South Korean snacks series of more than 40, Fresh Juice series of more than 100, more than 30 kinds of milk tea series.

shop advantages: 8 – 140 square meters between any area, you can open the South Korea’s fashion restaurant, people, 1-2 people can operate, 3-5 days of learning, shop.

business advantages: unified service, unified management, unified distribution, unified price, unified publicity, to join the store to share resources, to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and effectiveness.

service advantage: the country’s only South Korea three bears are responsible for each franchisee, adhere to one to one training, to ensure that all churches can open shop.