What procedures need to open a clothing store

in the legal context to open a legitimate shop, naturally need to deal with the relevant formalities. However, in the end what procedures need to be handled, but it has become a problem plagued countless operators. So, what procedures need to open a clothing store? Let Xiaobian to provide you a detailed analysis.

what’s the procedure for opening a clothing store? Many people are looking forward to open a clothing store, clothing store, of course, to apply for a business license, otherwise the trade and Industry Bureau will be fined, but many people need to go through the formalities of the shop is not clear. The next small series is simple to introduce what procedures and documents required to open a clothing store processing.

for the project: individual industrial and commercial households open procedures.

management institutions: the business location of the business and tax.

to open a clothing store to apply for documents:

a, business license

what’s the procedure for opening a clothing store? First, it is necessary to apply for business license, individual industrial and commercial households to start registration, I must be in good health, with the appropriate operational capacity and conditions, I submit a written application, but also to provide relevant proof (part):

1, identity: the applicant should provide my ID card.

2, occupation status: (for example if unemployed, whether retired and resigned etc.)

3, operating sites:

(1) rental agreement, proof of ownership, to change the non residential proof.

(2) into the various types of market operations need to be approved by the market management office seal.

(3) the use of public space, access to the public places such as the mouth of the operating site should be provided by the relevant functional departments of the approval or permit.

4, engaged in the specific provisions of the national industry or business scope, should be submitted to the relevant departments for approval.

two, with the business license for tax registration certificate

what’s the procedure for opening a clothing store? Get a tax registration certificate for the invoice, the invoice application is divided into 2 kinds: first, according to the tax, the monthly turnover is whether or not a month to pay the same tax; second is according to the invoice amount per month according to the tax rate. The whole process is probably about 500 yuan, the time is about 15-30 days. Different standards, only to provide reference, specific to the local industrial and commercial tax. In addition, there are specific concessions