Which five kinds of potted plants are in short supply in the market

Although many people know that

is now doing bonsai business is a good choice, however, the general market competition is fierce, even if it can make money, but also bear considerable risk. However, if you can choose the following five kinds of bonsai, I believe that the current market situation will make your business more popular.

currently on the market five kinds of bonsai in short supply, the market gap is large, sales to the rate of increase year by year, the price is also rising year by year, or around 20% in. These five kinds of bonsai are medicinal herbs, fruit trees, bonsai, bonsai, bonsai and bonsai.


suitable for the production of potted plants have a lot of medicinal plants, such as Ganoderma lucidum, Ginkgo biloba, chrysanthemum, lily, medlar, etc.. The price per pot of Ganoderma lucidum bonsai is less a few yuan, while more than 100 yuan, the specific shape of Ganoderma lucidum bonsai is as high as price thousands of yuan. Ordinary potted chrysanthemum bonsai can also sell at least 7 yuan ~8 yuan. Medicinal herbs market has great potential, has become a balcony economy new growth point.


apple, pomegranate, Ornamental Peach, orange, cherry and other fruit trees suitable for potted ornamental, especially ornamental peaches, petals compact, bright color. Bonsai trees can be a lot of listed before the Spring Festival, in addition to flower also edible fruit.

aloe bonsai.

as people appreciate the level, all kinds of common flower bonsai price to sell, and aloe bonsai with its unique, beautiful appearance, strong regeneration ability, as a function of edible and medicinal and cosmetic beauty etc. and welcomed by consumers, every price ranging from tens to hundreds of yuan yuan.


potted vegetables can be placed on the indoor balcony, not only beautify the living room environment, but also to a certain extent to meet the demand for food. Also because of its novelty and practicality, low price, by the vast number of consumers favor market qiaoxiao.


some of the flowers to make full use of the unique shape and color of the fern, it will be made of puppies, kittens, small lions and other small animals in the shape of the flower pot to sell, very popular with the children’s favorite. Coupled with the likes of ferns, management is simple, it is favored by consumers. Made of golden dog shape bonsai pots can sell 15 yuan a small, large to sell for $50, the market is booming.

if you are going to run a bonsai business, but at the same time do not know what kind of species can be chosen, then the above five small series introduced by the