How to make their own way of entrepreneurship

venture is a risky investment, as the saying goes: venture capital, investment need to be cautious. Not all entrepreneurs entrepreneurial process is smooth sailing. The process of entrepreneurship will inevitably have a lot of ups and downs, then how can we minimize the business as much as possible, how to make the road to become more entrepreneurial?

to give young entrepreneurs advice, I can give too much, but I think the most important thing is that every young entrepreneurs should find their own master, in spirit, in the business can really help you, because no matter how this industry change, not the nature of the business change, business model has not changed, the corporate governance has not changed, I think these old guys are experienced. Young entrepreneurs to self breakthrough and self growth, but this growth can not rely on their own to realize, it is too slow, can not rely on stumble, because in the event of a somersault fall not, perhaps you could not climb up.

some recent article slowly revealed many Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have a master, like Zuckerberg, but he is quite experienced Google people do master, he often chats with Jobs and ask questions. And the early Google is a master Jobs, one is the · of Mark,, is the man who do Netscape, he experienced a huge failure, has a wealth of experience. These people are behind the scenes, never say. But these masters in the early days of the company, very important for entrepreneurs.