nvestment jewelry stores common misunderstanding

a lot of businesses in the investment jewelry stores easily into some errors, precisely because of the impact of these business errors, so the road leading to the business is not smooth. Today Xiaobian share some business advice, I hope to help investors.

1, jewelry store decoration costs can not save. In addition to the layout of the unity of the corporate jewelry store decoration, but also to spend some thought. Selling jewelry, store atmosphere is particularly important. From the floor to the light, the details determine success or failure, as far as possible the layout of the smooth, comfortable, beautiful and more. Let guests not only feel at home, but also feel a sense of taste.

2, doing business is actually doing promotions. Take advantage of the psychology of consumers to take advantage of the price, adjust the price, hit a discount price, and then do something to buy send gifts. Promotional activities in various forms, but one thing is relatively fixed. That’s the time for promotion. So you have to prepare a calendar for the important holidays of the year. What does holiday mean?.

3, promotion is not spoken about. Sales promotion is not reflected in the interior, write a few price sign up, but to publicity, no publicity and no promotion, not behind closed doors. For example, next Saturday is the eleven national day, this is Friday, then, from now on, you should be ready. Yes, you have to prepare ten days in advance for a big festival.

4, what do you want? To get in touch with a local newspaper, book a half page or a page of a newspaper. The newspaper layout of advertising company. Prepare promotional activities. Do propaganda page, part of the store, part of the downtown area, the distribution of personnel can ask some students.

5, in front of the shop window layout posters, posters can be done in the advertising company, the advertising company responsible for the installation. Remember, big posters that cover the entire window.

6, so that your staff to know the content of the activities. 7 in your car covered with posters, your car parked in downtown.

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