Where is the starting point for college students to find nine starting point in this

students have not what happens, even from a low starting point to start a business, as long as it has made gratifying achievements and has considerable development prospects can be recognized by the public, students must comply with the starting point of nine.

1. himself familiar.

2. possession of resources.

3. obvious advantages.

if you have expertise in a particular area, or a professional knowledge of a useful part of the group, then engaged in the service or training. If you have a deep knowledge of the Internet, then do a website, select a certain industry, collect, publish useful information, can be sold for SMEs in the industry, for them to release information.

4. strong interest.

5. prominent defects.

6. don’t have to pay for it.

7. starting point is low.

you have creative ability, they can engage in independent studio. For example, the design of public interest and the company’s goal of combining advertising, posted to the toilet in Beijing. Acceptance of the enterprise, of course, pay. Don’t laugh, it’s not easy to do it well.

8. with the help of.