The Motorola story

Motorola, the name we are familiar with, but has a huge market appeal, has a huge brand effect. So, Motorola is how to grow up, is a step by step success? Below, we might as well walk into the story of Motorola!

in Illinois Harvard Town, a group of children often use their spare time to train on the popcorn. A 10 year old boy joined the ranks. Not only did he sell popcorn, but he added the cream and salt to the popcorn to make it taste more delicious. Because he knows how to do better than others, excellence make him a success.

when the station is booming after a while, more and more children to participate in, the little boy realized that he earned good times don’t last long, a sum of money to break out of the competition result. As a result, the children’s business became more and more difficult, and the station was soon cleared up for the small business, and he had not lost any money because of his early withdrawal. Because he knows how to be more sober than others, one thing when everyone is optimistic he can keep a clear head, in time to pull out, in time to withdraw from his success.

from the above story, we know that the legend about Motorola, wrote a more wonderful story for us to write more brilliant blueprint, taking Motorola as an example, let us together!