Small business success there are five main models (two)

followed by a small business for everyone to talk about the success of the third models.

three, in store rent a court venture

1, with your sales agent or the manufacturer of the product related certificates (health permits, and other manufacturers to prove that the formalities for the same store). Otherwise can not enter the regular

2, the risk is relatively large, must grasp of the market, and pay attention to product sales season and shelf life. (someone from outside the fruit to store sales, transportation delays, many results not sold rotten.

3, the local people to consider the acceptability of the product, the best do a simple investigation. (although some things are rarely local sales, but it may not be suitable for local tastes, such as some businesses have in some city promotion areca, but local people are not used to the taste of areca, and failed.)

four, the chain business now has many small jewelry shop, cold stores cost is not high, but the selection of shops and products is still very profitable, the chain must be spotted, and the possibility of more successful early intervention.

As the strength of the