How to use e-mail marketing in the media industry

the rapid development of the Internet, the degree of adhesion between people and the Internet is getting higher and higher,. The need to constantly update the news media industry, media agencies increasingly began to use email marketing channels to expand publicity, especially in the network media and print media, the media is mainly used 3 types of messages and user communication: content class mail, mail and solicitation activities questionnaire items.

class mail content information apply to the contents of their website or hot in the electronic journal Journal of essence in the form of push to registered users. An activity class mail, the media to maintain audience relationship, improve brand awareness by invitation mail to carry out various activities, such as reader salon, online interactive forums or for advertisers, product experience, meeting invitation, training courses and popularization. The questionnaire mainly focused on a certain theme or purpose, using a questionnaire survey to collect the user’s interest tendency, and get the user feedback information.

According to the observation of

The layout design,

multimedia content for information messages, just make the contents of the stack, while ignoring the layout design, the content of the information class should give users a comfortable reading environment, need to be clear, highlighting the current content, such as newspaper headlines, at the same time in the design layout, pay attention to "the best form of graphic proportion, collocation title + pictures + abstract", the overall amount of information to 10 less than the best.

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