Zheng Jinhui sells strawberries for more than 20 thousand a month

strawberry to eat sweet and sour taste is a lot of people like a fruit, we often see vendors selling strawberries, have you ever thought they can sell a month to earn more than 20 thousand? Of course, not every strawberry can sell so much, if this is the case, we are estimated to sell strawberries, but today to talk about this guy he really can do a month to earn more than 20 thousand!

this time of strawberry, Zheng Jinhui their 27 day produced 1500 pounds of Greenhouse Strawberry demand, he is also in Rushan Yu Li Town and other places of receipt, a day after he started selling strawberries to about 3000 pounds. In Zheng Jinhui’s words, "how much can be sold?!"

12 years ago, his entrepreneurial start-up capital is 2000 yuan,

although the business is very prosperous, but success is not easy. Speaking of the hardships of the original venture, Zheng Jinhui still fresh, difficult, really difficult." Zheng Jinhui has a relationship is to do fruit wholesale business, in 2004, shortly after graduating from junior high school to help Zheng Jinhui. Because of the need to go to the wholesale fruit into the field, the mind of the fancy Zheng Jinhui pull the sale of goods, he decided to buy a truck to pull their goods to earn freight.

2008 years, accumulated a certain pull goods recommended