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catering business was going to formal legal procedures, before want to enter an industry, you must know some relevant procedures, take the "card" business license of food, has three in one, you know?

Wuqing’s first "food business license" in the East Po Po Street market and quality supervision and management. The original "food circulation permit", "catering service license" health food sales, "food hygiene permit" to stop the release of the formal implementation of "three in one".

it is understood that the Wuqing market and Quality Supervision Bureau in January 1st formally in the region to implement the management of food business license, the original "food circulation permit", "catering service license" and sales of health food "food hygiene permit" for the "food business license".

food business license

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, the food business is the original supervision, sub species supervision. In a shopping mall, if engaged in food sales, food manufacturing and sales of health food products, the need to obtain 3 cards before operating. Now, just apply for a "food business license", select the pre packaged food sales, bulk food sales can be in their business projects, greatly simplifies work processes, shorten the processing time.

in addition, the validity of the license is extended from 3 years to 5 years. In order to ensure that the work is in place, the district market and the quality supervision and Administration Bureau of well-organized, solid deployment, adhere to the number one personally arrested, the competent leadership of the specific grasp". At the same time, should be closely combined with practice, to further clarify the division of responsibilities, in accordance with the "extension of functions, focusing on grassroots, territorial management, strict examination and approval" principle, conscientiously fulfill the food business license management responsibilities, to ensure market access.