How to attract customers in the chain catering business

a lot of investment franchisees in the choice of food and beverage projects, will consider the consumption objectives? So are you going to do or are already doing a chain of food and beverage items you, whether it is worth how to attract customers? First of all, need to give their products to locate, and then from the opening to the business to do every detail, how to open a chain restaurant brand is the most important to attract customers. Now look at the chain of food and beverage brands to make money five principles.

highlights personal independence of conduct.

in food pricing, after investigation of several other and visited several guests, clear grasp of the price range, the drafting of a friend is similar with the other house price list. I saw immediately after the opposition, replaced by the implementation of bold breakthrough tactics. For similar and two other business chain restaurant brand pasta dishes, a wide range of price directly open the gap; how can a good chain restaurant brand? At the same time, for their own unique dishes, the implementation of competitive products and high profit price tactics of makeup, food concessions will usually come back.

in store decorating, compared with several other single color with the problem of confusion, the author proposes to simplify the renovation strategy. From the location of the entire store business considerations, the store’s exterior theme color into yellow. How to open a chain of food and beverage brands in the store tablecloths, walls and so on and the whole store to maintain coordination. Store signs with yellow and black characters, but also a relatively successful distinction between several other white letters, black, yellow, and other formats.

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