How to design a store in a rural supermarket chain

the most common in rural areas is a very small shops, but not all goods, it is difficult to choose their favorite products. Therefore, in the countryside to open a supermarket chain is a good choice, but how to design the store? How to display the goods?

2005 in February, the Ministry of Commerce in the country launched the "million rural village market project" construction, sounded the clarion call to enter the rural supermarket chains. Over the past 6 years, the supermarket chain in rural areas has been greatly developed, so that farmers enjoy the convenience and benefits of modern commercial circulation, but also for operators to bring a certain amount of income.

promotions to attract people

the establishment of sales area is one of the highlights of the supermarket. Some supermarkets are priced in the original commodity sign on the basis of placing special promotions logo, on this basis, using the display set up a special promotions, will engage in promotional activities of the commodities on display together, to facilitate customers to buy.

cigarette counter striking

supermarket placed wooden cabinet shelves and glass counters, high-grade goods are placed here. Among them, the cigarette placed into a major bright spot. Cigarette counters placed at the entrance of the eye-catching position, counters in the smoke from the high-end to low-grade, the species is complete.

setting display area

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