What principles should be followed in the display of bakery products

as long as the physical store, as long as it relates to the kind of business, will be related to the principles of commodity display. In short, if you want to make a physical store business is hot, it is also necessary to do a good job related merchandise display, so as to protect the store’s business booming development. So, what kind of principles should be displayed in the bakery? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

bakery goods how to display, it seems that a lot of people do not want to think about these things, in fact, today, a single out of this piece, you will know the importance of. Seen a lot of shops, household goods not only delicious, even let you find everything fresh and new display. On the display of goods we have not thought about what should be paid attention to? In fact, simply say that we display the goods on the 3 principles.

first principle: looks beautiful, can be miscellaneous, but absolutely not chaos.

second principles: guests easily see the place (you can put yourself into a guest feel, what position is easy to see)

third principles: guests are relatively easy to take

below to specify that we should pay attention to those points:

· first show the shape of the product is damaged

· there is no foreign matter attached to the above to be checked in time

· placed position can not block the selection of goods guests

· every sign of the bakery has a wrong

· can not directly touch the goods (with special gloves will give people a very professional feeling)

· every dish in the bakery should be placed as far as possible

· because the bread is soft, so when placed in the attention do not change its form, unlimited stacking or put in order to save space to squeeze the placement is very undesirable.

· bread store when the product should pay attention to avoid fresh milk bread, do not let it touch the other bread on the bread

note that the point is that we can refer to these.

we’re going to talk about more important things about bread