The 10 qualities that must be met during the hard times

now, many people have entered the business of the army, they want to make their own business to make money, enjoy the wealth of life. In the current economic downturn, the desire to promote the development of business is a bit like swimming in jelly. At this time, people who are not efficient or volatile are definitely not suitable for leadership positions.

1, the ability of listening. Pay attention to the opinions and suggestions of employees and customers, you will find a good idea to promote the development of the company.

2, employees must. Employees want leaders to recognize their ideas and work.

3, frank. In this era of rhetoric and hypocrisy, you should be honest with your employees. This rare and unique honesty will make employees feel they know you, and therefore hope to help you succeed.

4, communication ability. Clear communication can avoid many problems and obstacles in the operation of the company. If the lack of effective communication, staff will be on a lot of things, but not knowing how long, the staff also "on the operations of the company none of my business, hang up".

5, adhere to long-term strategy. Avoid the company strategy "day tour" situation. Carefully select the business direction of the company, and then firmly carry out.

6, control of anxiety. Don’t always be in a state of anxiety. Entrepreneurs should turn regret, fear, sadness and other negative emotions into mentors to help shape their personality.

7, the spirit of service. Many entrepreneurs will be self centred, and forget that they are in a position of leadership, should consider how to better serve customers, shareholders and employees, to focus on others.

8, responsibility. Make clear the goal of the task, and if you fail to achieve your goals due to your own fault, the leader must be frank.

9, making use of affective factors. With the change in the structure of the staff, there are more and more women in the workplace, so make sure your communication style and leadership style are suitable for the existing staff.

10, shared vision. If employees do not understand the company’s overall goals, then they will be difficult to solve the problem in a reasonable manner. Entrepreneurs will also have to spend more energy to deal with each detail, but not through the guidance of staff to complete the work assigned.

have the above ten basic qualities can make entrepreneurs easier.