Nanning Entrepreneurial booth into a bright spot for recruitment activities

after a year of struggle in 2015, "entrepreneurship to promote employment" activities have made some achievements in china. At present, employment in 2016 has been launched, held in Guangxi, Nanning eye-catching entrepreneurial exhibition, causing many young people interested.

2 18, Guangxi – ASEAN open area of the big cap mountain city square crowd, bustling, 2016 spring action special event cum spring manpower recruitment conference held here. The same day, more than and 100 enterprises in the field of careers, providing more than 3 thousand jobs. At the same time also carry out vocational training, vocational skills training, social insurance, rights services and other convenience services.

in the recruitment site, 33 entrepreneurial booth will be the recruitment highlights, exhibition business projects are part from the occupation technology training center of Nanning city. "Juan Zi Hand Crocheted" entrepreneurial projects, attracting many elderly female job seekers, we understand the project in the entrepreneurial process, a lot of people on the spot to further strengthen ties with the project docking, think this time free and flexible working way of entrepreneurship is very suitable for women or hobbies, to learn the craft can your own business sales, can also supply with studio docking processing, manual fee charge.

in a part of entrepreneurial projects from the development zone and the agricultural unit in the United Farm double season grapes, fruit into the farmhouse, Shuanghui meat wholesale center project in the development zone has been successfully operating for the first time as exhibitors in the recruitment site, the person in charge of the project said hoping for continue to expand financing, at the same time, in order to achieve the "start" to bring "employment", open the door for more young people to get rich. Nanning city occupation technical training center for entrepreneurship training department director Huang said, hope that through the exhibition cost of small business project, encourage entrepreneurship, in response to the national employment policy, so that more young people can operate independently, venture onto the road to get rich.

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