The shop is not the fruit shop business analysis skills add, subtract, multiply and divide

many friends want to do their own business, open a fruit shop is good. Then, not all of the fruit shop business is booming, some shops because of imperfect management, opened a long time before the collapse. The shop is not a simple add, subtract, multiply and divide it involves selection, purchase, sales, decoration, etc.. The fruit shop, the site is the key to the first step.

The first step:

The specific location opened

store determines the quality of store customers and how much, at the same time also determines the level of sales in stores. The location selection properly, it means to enjoy a favorable location advantage. In the peer, in the scale, product composition, the same level of business services, its advantages will be vividly.

the fruit shop how to location? The following are some of my experience and views in business, for your reference.

a supermarket (shopping malls, supermarkets, shops and stalls in


two, community shops (residential, living area of shops)