MARS contest released 2015 entrepreneurial hot data

social development with each passing day, compared to 2014, 2015 of the overall development of the Internet business environment does not change the direction of the development of mobile applications is still the most popular choice. So what are the hot areas of entrepreneurship in 2015?

10 31, 2015 MARS Internet innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (hereinafter referred to as MARS contest) registration will be officially closed. At the end of the occasion, the official release of the latest MARS registration big data.

MARS contest is one of the most influential domestic Internet industry entrepreneurship contest, foot record, 3Glasses, repair and other projects are out of the MARS contest. So, MARS released this group of entrepreneurs in 2015 data, for more accurate understanding of the overall environment of the Internet entrepreneurs in 2015, has a certain reference value.

The following is

2015 entrepreneurial hot areas: mobile applications, SaaS, electricity providers

According to the current

SaaS, electricity providers, platforms, education, games, hardware, finance and other sectors of the most concerned about the field of entrepreneurs from 2 to 8. In this, the attention of SaaS venture capital increased rapidly.

in mobile phone application startup segment, the number is still ahead of the game project. Followed by tools, social classes, such as life.

SaaS venture CRM vertical projects up to