Three basic principles of successful entrepreneurship

in the entrepreneurial process, always adhere to some principles. Venture capital can not be chaotic. In simple terms, is to have the ideal, to strengthen their own ideas, to treat a thing, to have a long-term plan, not easily give up, in addition, but also abandon the old thinking, and actively seek change and innovation.

a principle: the ideal of

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two principles: never give up

is only suitable for smooth, adhere to the lack of determination and perseverance we voted in an enterprise, do biological drugs. In the past ten years, it has no income. But it stuck. The same kind of medicine in the United States, sold $7 billion 800 million last year, and we made the drug, the price can be cheaper by half. This success is a big success, but if there is no fighting spirit, the company would not go dry.

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Principle three: abandon old

is too dependent on past experience, to refuse to change products to upgrade, model innovation, management innovation to. On the other hand, reliance on past experience can lead to failure. We have invested in a category of resources industry enterprises, the conditions are very good. But it clings to tradition, not to develop innovative products, there is no pioneering and innovative model. Before the financial crisis, the traditional products each year to contribute 50 million of ~6 million yuan of profits, after the financial crisis is only 5 million, in half-dead state.