Children’s clothing store display 6 principles

children’s clothing store profits, a lot of friends want to open a children’s clothing store. Want to open children’s clothing store, first of all to learn how to display skills, so as to better attract customers. Today Xiaobian to introduce the principles of the 6 children’s clothing store display, children’s clothing store to make more money on display.

1, with the same color.

2, contrast color matching.

3, rational use of living area.

4, the number of models to master.

5, time to grasp in place. Who is

6, store display to have a sense of rhythm.

although speaking in front of the collocation of color principle, but also can not be applied mechanically, if deliberately put color points too rigid, will feel strange, the store left is right is cool warm too uncoordinated, should have a sense of rhythm, excessive, jump, like the rhythm of the music, the overall effect will come out.