What you need to know about opening a clothing store in the country

now the development of the countryside with each passing day, many rural people have begun to pay attention to dress up, so there is a market in the countryside to open a clothing store. Do you know how to open a clothing store in the countryside? Do you want to know how to make money in the countryside?.

selected stock market is more important to know about the clothing, clothing, color collocation, selection, have deep understanding! Now too much of the town of small shops selling clothing, too complex!   only the independence, innovation, talents have a way out…

facade required novel, gorgeous,   internal lighting equipment must be consistent with the mood, not monotonous!!   dress style, style and color, can not be more than three pieces of clothing to be fine, not more than   now sir, pay attention to color, elegant common  , really; want to open a clothing, must learn color collocation,


group that opened a clothing store in the country to choose a large flow of people of the central, will have to see the flow of people will buy what the masses, it would be better if you do, some cheap big brand is difficult to do, because the rich people will not buy things there, buy something in the people not too high a price

logically speaking, to open a clothing store in the country and what is not a bad thing, if really want to open, then take a look at those clothes suitable for those people, there is the price must be relatively cheap, quality and had to go, so as to make money ah

in the village shop, the price is not too high, nor too tricks, not the pursuit of quality is good, after all, a penny! Rural consumption level has not yet reached.

1, how many people do you want to shop around, how many peers.

2, clothes points, children, youth, middle-aged, the elderly, you want to sell that kind of people to wear, the store is best separated from adults and children to sell, that is to say, either sell adults or sell children.

rural people only, such as cheap, and to the young people have to go to the store to buy clothes recommended