How to join the South Beauty

South Beauty since its inception to now more than 16 years, is now an international well-known catering management services Brand Company, South Beauty since opened the first shop to now has branches throughout the country, the catering business to join, the following Xiaobian to introduce how to join the South Beauty Furniture body.

join conditions:

1, in the course of the development of social responsibility to undertake the obligations of enterprises through tax.

2, strict food quality safety control, the kitchen is open to South beauty.

3, South beauty more through the establishment of a strong team nutritionist, nutrition, science and cooking do.

4, inheriting and carrying forward the Chinese food culture.

5, integrity, innovation, people-oriented concept of development.

6, science, the system of talent selection, training, incentive mechanism to choose a model of talent.

join to provide information:

enterprise legal person business license (copy of the enterprise as an applicant)

enterprise organization code certificate (copy of the enterprise as an affiliate to provide)

enterprise legal representative ID card copy and its main resume (as an enterprise to join the applicant)

enterprise authorization letter (original, the enterprise as an affiliate of the applicant and non prisoners to join the transaction)

to join the applicant’s personal identity card and residence booklet (copy, as individuals to join the applicant)

housing property certificate or lease agreement or lease letter of intent

location of the city map, the relevant city map

operating place pictures and drawings

and the size of the shop to adapt to the letter of credit

other information related to the operation of the project

join advantage:

beauty restaurant provides market investigation and assessment of professional shops.