What can teachers do part-time jobs

when the teacher, in teaching and educating people, there are a lot of free time, how to use this free time to start a business has become a lot of teachers ideas. So, what can teachers do part-time jobs? Let Xiaobian to introduce several business opportunities.

1, part-time teachers can do? In Taobao to open a small shop, as long as the Internet will be able to read the tutorial can be very simple, may encounter difficulties in the early stages but certainly good results. More leisure time this is the best way to make money, low investment risk.

2, if you are a Chinese language teacher you can go to the site to sell some articles to recruit people to write articles.

3, part-time teachers can do? If you are an English teacher, you can go online. Many sites have this business, zero investment income is good, I sold several articles on the site, a revenue of 100 yuan.

4, part-time teachers can do? Go to Baidu, GOOGLE and other large web site to do promotion, such as Baidu to promote the basic 500 yuan a month, time is very little, every day to get up to 1 – 2 hours can be very simple.

In fact,

teachers can do what business, but also related with their teaching courses in all, only choose their strengths, while the market demand and business development, this business can really usher in more of the.