Specialty bakery business opportunities


Chinese only know Steamed Buns for bread and steamed stuffed bun, what is not clear, not to mention the love, but with the development of economic globalization, the bread has become a part of many people’s daily food, so now to open a specialty bakery, a business fire.

now large bread’s products in grocery stores, convenience stores, bakeries and other shops, but a single flavor has made consumers feel tired, not fresh, the profit decreased year by year. The characteristics of the bakery and the unique flavor of freshly baked charm is still great demand.

metropolis inside the package stores everywhere, has entered the competition stage, as long as the kind of baked sell all is gone. Homemade bread, although the price is slightly more expensive, but as long as the quality, or healthy bread, sales are still busy.

features many varieties of bread, including bread sandwich, spraying the surface of bread, fried bread circle and the shape of different varieties of several categories. Its formula is better than that of staple food, and its auxiliary material proportion is medium.

to calculate the amount of flour as a base, sugar content is 12% ~ 15%, 7% ~ 10% and the amount of oil, egg, milk and other accessories. Compared with the staple bread, the characteristics of bread structure is more soft, bulky, excellent flavor, in addition to the taste of bread itself, there are other raw materials flavor.

only from your life around, love of bread, that this is a viable business opportunities, but also because the market demand is very large, so if we can open a specialty bakery, the future will be the rewards of wealth will be very rich.