What is the least money to invest

what is the least investment? What shop is the most profitable? What is the most profitable thing to do now, what kind of project investment do you like best?

flower shop!

expert weapon: at present the big and middle city of our country have opened many shops, competition is very fierce, how to make your shop wins, become the ultimate winner, the following three points: one is the critical location location about the traffic, the best way of life is close to the higher income, are the target customers the group, such as the surrounding residents income level, cultural atmosphere, community consumption habits are important factors for you to consider; two is in the operating process should pay attention to technical staff employed?? the floral, floral is your right hand arm, flower, flower and other technical work can best embody the florist artistic taste, this is the main way to attract customers; the three is to develop fixed customers, be honest and trustworthy, with genuine goods at a fair price, "a penny", pulled back, so as to The florist has a more long-term, more stable development.