Meishan city employment tackling award in recognition of the General Assembly on behalf of entrepren

Sichuan has been well known for living, but now Sichuan is not only suitable for living, but also very suitable for investment and entrepreneurship. Under the guidance of the government, corporate social groups to carry out entrepreneurial activities, achieved good results.

1 14, in Meishan in 2015, the year of entrepreneurship and employment in the annual meeting of the praise, the top of the entrepreneur and the support of the work of the group of 44 advanced collective won praise, and received a reward of $about 2000000 in 82. They have to give up the high paying jobs in Beijing, choose to return home to the Chinese people’s Congress, a graduate student; have to give up the middle management positions of well-known companies in Hongkong, home to do electricity supplier farmers…… This is since 2013, Meishan vigorously support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial star rewards for three consecutive years.

Meishan DEDECATES is calling for more employment of migrant workers returned home business, with their own hands to create wealth at the same time, also can bring home income, the path of development on entrepreneurial wealth.

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