The children of the stars into the entrepreneurial street Zhongguancun entrepreneurial dream

has a special group of entrepreneurs who need more support from social forces and policy forces. The children from the stars can also fight for their dreams!

2016 April 2nd, is the Ninth World Autism day. This day, Chinese Social Welfare Foundation autism rescue fund to join Zhongguancun in the business street, business street "held" caring for children with autism "theme activities, entrepreneurs with fiery passion warm these" children of the stars ", bring sunshine and color for their lives, by Friday for coffee, the joint meeting, Binggo shell cyanine coffee and other agencies, jointly initiated public attention of autism.

"starlight yetry" project to help autistic children rehabilitation happy at the same time, will also hold the autistic children organized art tour exhibition, salon, paintings and art auction derivatives charity sales, in order to help autistic children to achieve certain social value, giving people with autism due to the dignity of life.


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