What procedures need to open a snack bar

would like to join the food and beverage market to earn good fortune, lack of funds, it is better to open a snack bar, and open a snack bar should also be prepared to do the formalities must be done. The following Xiaobian tell you to open a snack bar what procedures need it!

1, for those who choose to operate independently and partnership entrepreneurs, the name of the store is very important, is a sign. First go to the local industry and commerce to approve a shop name, brand name more than a few, because you can’t use the same. The validity of the name approved by the trade and Industry Bureau is valid within 20 days from the date of approval. As for the choice of franchising entrepreneurs, this problem does not need to worry about.

2, with the approval of the name of the name of the industry and commerce to the health and epidemic prevention station for health permits.

3, with a "health permit" of two copies, 3 inch photos, 2 copies of ID card, open Hot pot shop rental contract a copy, and the name of approval, go back to the local industry and commerce to apply for business license, now working speed, about 10 minutes to do a business license.

4, holding a business license, health permits to the Inland Revenue Department for tax registration certificate, very simple.

prepared to open a snack bar, to grasp the related processes and procedures to clear, is an indispensable link, in accordance with the above steps to go, snack bar open procedures can be run properly, then you can start to do business.