Sichuan will promote green development environment

due to the accelerated development of the economy, the environment caused by a series of damage is also obvious to everyone. Living in this society, although our living standard is gradually improving, the quality of our living environment has been greatly damaged. The destruction of the environment poses a great threat to people’s health. How to protect the environment has become the focus, then Sichuan will be how to promote the green development of the environment?

World Environment Day is approaching, in the "improve the quality of the environment, promote green development," the theme of the guidelines, Sichuan’s environmental protection will be how to promote? In this regard, the reporter an exclusive interview with the Sichuan provincial environmental protection department director Jiang Xiaoting. Jiang Xiaoting said the central government in the implementation of environmental protection inspectors, the province will take this as an opportunity to carry out a pilot in the city in the near future, the inspectors of the city (state) list will be announced in the near future.

future, intends to every three years on the city (state) to carry out an environmental inspector. At the same time, this year, "the responsibility of leading cadres to clear the ecological damage to the environment for life", caused the ecological environment and resources for violation of the requirements of scientific development, serious damage to the responsible person whether or not promoted or transferred, retired, must be strictly accountable.

"This year is

" " 13th Five-Year; at the beginning of the year, the central and provincial environmental reform has made overall arrangements." Jiang Xiaoting said that at present our province has completed the preparation of Sichuan province "," 13th Five-Year "environmental protection plan", resolutely fight the atmosphere, water and soil pollution prevention three battles". "I believe that through the next five years, Sichuan will have more blue sky clear water."


Sichuan environmental inspectors recent pilot

every three years on the city (state) inspector again

reporter: in the "13th Five-Year" plan, clear requirements to carry out environmental protection inspector". How is the work going?

Jiang Xiaoting: at present, the Sichuan provincial environmental protection inspector program (Trial) has been issued by the provincial government. From the beginning of this year, every three years or so on the city (state) inspector again. We are now doing a good job in the province’s environmental protection inspectors pilot preparation, pending approval, plans to carry out in the near future.

specifically, mainly for municipalities (state) supervision of Party committees and governments and relevant departments, and sink to the part of the county (city and district) Party committees and governments and relevant departments, supervision contents mainly include: environmental protection and ecological civilization construction, implement the decisions and arrangements, the prominent environmental problems and deal with the situation. For the inspectors found the problem, the local Party committee was inspectors, the government must be in accordance with the requirements of the inspection team to develop corrective measures, submitted rectification within 6 months. Of course, for local rectification recommend