Zhang Sheng not bad money business to business of sound and colour

how to run a shop, each operator will have their own set of standards and methods, many shop owners with the correct ways to make their business is booming, Zhang is such a shopkeeper. Zhang is a cigarette retail customers in Shanxi Pianguan County, who runs through in a "business method is not bad money", the business is of sound and colour.

he said: Cigarettes my technique is actually very simple classification to match up.

encountered foreign customers, I would recommend high-grade cigarettes, and to recommend them more cigarette brands, they do not bad money: because outsiders are generally go, where to buy".

met local new customers, we do not bad money: in order to attract repeat customers, I sold him in other small food cheap, smoke and get cheap, will come back.

encountered local old customers, I will open a packet of cigarettes in advance, give him a cigarette, we do not smoke: one is to take care of the old customers, and second, take others soft, he was also reluctant to buy cigarettes price.

perhaps precisely because the method is properly managed, so that Zhang Sheng shop operators are getting more and more prosperous, the number of repeat customers is more and more, there is no need to worry about the operation of the store. In short, this down, Zhang Sheng shop customers more and more, naturally more and more substantial profits.