Wuhan public auditorium continue to focus on innovation and entrepreneurship theme

for entrepreneurs, listening to the entrepreneurial story of others, for their own entrepreneurial journey has an important reference. Can be summed up from the practice of other people’s lessons, less detours. 3 young entrepreneurs in Wuhan on Saturday to share their entrepreneurial story.

3 speakers are 80, 90". Zhang Junlong graduated from the South-Central University For Nationalities in Wuhan is now dare to general manager of limited company of science and technology, in the long – running between Wuhan and the oil development, oil and gas spectral information developed by continuous detection analyzer used in the field of Karamay oilfield, Zhongyuan oilfield oil and gas exploration and development, this year to achieve sales revenue of about 4000000 yuan.

around a variety of entrepreneurial activities and emerge in an endless stream, in the community to create a strong and positive entrepreneurial atmosphere. In this environment, the enthusiasm of the majority of entrepreneurs will be fully mobilized to achieve the height of the predecessors did not reach.

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