Wang Shuxiu how to make a successful transformation of the store

in the current era of business is facing a very difficult shop, after all, the industry’s competition is very intense, not to mention or let the store transformation Golden Eagle, which naturally also need to grasp the relevant skills. Located in Huji government across the "qinxihe supermarket" has imperceptibly in the shop around for ten years. The shopkeeper Wang Shuxiu nearly fifty of the age of the kindly face, their conversation, is that she is a courteous and accessible neighbor sister, she is good at communicating with people, and in the process of narrowing the distance to. Shop all the way, from the initial small grocery store, the transformation of the center for the current small supermarket, business has been booming, and she is fortunate to work with the enthusiasm of the service is inseparable. Only pay will have harvest, below to see how Wang Shuxiu is in transition to win more business opportunities;

pay attention to health need to adhere to

walked into a shop, people can impress in addition to goods, is the store’s health. If the shop is not the most basic hygiene, not to mention the operation. Therefore, the health of the shop is a prerequisite for the operation of goods." While Wang Shuxiu was cleaning the store, he talked to me.

saw her cleaning the door first. The shop door is outside the shop front, two glass doors, must first use a damp cloth, then wipe again with dry cloth, the glass will not leave traces of wipe. Passing customers through the glass doors and windows will be able to see the store clean and tidy goods, so that customers have further into the store shopping desire. The ground floor of the store she insisted on cleaning every day, adhere to wipe the counters and goods.

some bags of food and bottled drinks, easily attached to dust, she often wears a pair of clean cotton gloves, with both hands, wipe the packaging and beverage bottle appearance, passing quickly put the goods together and let customers themselves, on the ground to find customers abandoned garbage cleanup immediately. At the same time, her shop should be equipped with two mops, rotation use, so as not to mop mop with water to make the ground slippery.

as a result of Wang Shuxiu’s shop away from the town office building and the town house recently, most of the shopping is the town of the staff, they are more rigorous shopping sites, you can use a critical eye to describe. However, they do like to go to Wang Shuxiu’s shop to spend, one of the reasons for the king’s clean store is not distinguishable.

There are so few months of the off-season business

every year, Wang Shuxiu will not sit still, she combined with their own actual and have the following trick:

cultivate more foreign brands of cigarettes

"this day I came to the store a number of foreign workers, according to them, we work in the local aluminum factory, to Jiangsu, in the home favorite home smoke smoke. Just my shop