Retail customers how to greet the Spring Festival

for any of the shops, the Spring Festival is a very important holiday, the owners need to grasp. And grandchildren, from the spring festival only about 2 months time. Whenever the Spring Festival, whether it is urban or rural retail customers do not want to miss this great sales opportunity. Each customer will have their own ideas and plans, and actively stocking, careful planning, to do a good job in front of the sales preparation. Below is some customers heart "99", they said.

Name: Jinzhong firm

owner: Wang Jinzhong

shop time: 7 years

I want to store the display position adjustment, store image expansion and change the display of cigarettes

customer store geographical environment has great business advantage, while the bound for the county seat of the bus stop, the larger flow of people, in front of you is the intersection of the ten li ping prison, outside a certain consumer group. So the customer’s cigarette business has been good. When asked about the Spring Festival, what are the plans?

Wang Jinzhong will not hesitate to tell the hearts of the plan: to store the store display re layout, cigarette display cabinets for a larger point, changing the position and angle of cigarette display. And he has to do, has carried on the preliminary adjustment, and he has tasted the sweetness, the cigarette business is better than the previous, high-grade cigarette sales significantly better, like the hard, hard mouth Liqun and other cigarette sales rising very quickly.

tips and comments: the customer’s business time is not very long, but it has a very good way of doing business, the store’s business has been good for the operation of cigarettes is also very important. But his suggestion is that the brand should be more active and active in the timely increase in tobacco varieties. With the booming business, improve the sales structure, part of the supply of cigarettes in the supply can not meet the requirements, the need to seek more alternative to the same cigarette brands. As the saying goes: the radish leaves, some varieties of multi business, the expansion of business scale benefit cigarette.

Name: the firm

owner: Jiang Jianguo

shop time: 18 years

when I come to the Spring Festival, the rational arrangement of cigarette stocks, there is a degree of certainty.


store ginger has been for some years, frankness, communication is wide, there is a big reputation in the local, so the store business has been booming, more cigarette business >