Zhang Shuzhen dumplings processing factory can make money

a lot of people would like to venture, and are ready to do, may not have thought of doing the thing, actually find a big brand agent is very good, is a sister of this article today we bring about by agents to get a pot of gold of life’s inspirational story, interested in you can look at.

2005, see the dumplings factory Zhang Shuzhen a lot of money, a total investment of less than 30 thousand yuan, rent a house, hire 3 workers, in the processing of bulk dumplings small workshop officially opened. However, she soon found that the business is not as simple as imagined. The first is the internal competition, such as her small factory, there are thirty or forty of them in Pingxiang, in order to strive for more customers, have to have a very low profit based on the price war; the second is the external environment is dangerous, that is probably a small workshop owners busy fighting, "bully", a lot of customers. For unacceptable, hard year. Zhang Shuzhen’s business not only did not improve, but also owed a few million dollars of famine". How can

talent shows itself from vicious competition? Zhang Shuzhen pondered the question. The only way out is to find ways to let customers find you earlier, more attention to you". And to do this, it seems only to take the brand route. But her idea has been questioned by the people around, you have seen a small workshop has a brand?" People say so. And Zhang Shuzhen asked: "who can not have a small workshop brand? Who says brands are useless for small businesses? As long as more customers can be recognized and concerned, who said I can not try?" The core of