Name not to overdo personality

in order to make their name more creative, can attract more consumers, now many shopkeepers in time to shop name but spent a great mind, a variety of shops also appeared a lot of offbeat occasions. However, the owners can pursue individuality in the name, but not to overdo, or make the name dispute, thereby affecting the entire shop operators.

, "it was strange that someone had called his shop" bad business. "." Yesterday, the public wearing a lady shopping found that there is a stationery shop name was called bad business". Not only is this shop, the reporter visited yesterday found that some downtown merchants to attract customers attention, have in its name and make a fuss.

is a beef shop named "× in Fengze District; × × · breaking shop". Yesterday, the reporter found the shop owner said that the reason to take such a name, only one purpose, that left a deep impression to customers.


name "personality can really attract attention, but also to grasp the degree." Chen believes that the public, the name of the pursuit of new businesses can be understood, but too much may be counterproductive, so that customers dislike. Chen believes that some names have some strange, can give people a fresh feeling, to attract consumers into the store, but no matter how to shop, store or to make products and services, or can not attract repeat customers, business is not long.

shop to do business, the name is important, but the name may not be random. Licheng District Industrial and Commercial Bureau registered shares staff, individual industrial and commercial households name shall be used in accordance with the national standard "measures" clearly stipulates Chinese characters, the administration of the registration of individual business name, individual business name may not contain nine types of content and text, such as: violation of public order and good morals, does not respect the ethnic and religious practices; may cause deception or misunderstanding to the public; foreign countries (regions), names of international organizations; damage to the state and social public interests.

now many shop owners will attract the public attention in the first place, obsessed with making more creative name, however, excessive pursuit would be counterproductive. Staff to remind businesses take names to avoid the use of the name is not civilized, healthy nature, easy to cause the name of intellectual property infringement also do not recommend.