Create wealth Guiyang roadshow held

created wealth Guiyang "can better promote people’s entrepreneurial passion, expand the scope of influence, but also bring more opportunities for entrepreneurs, this project innovation roadshow concern.

    it is reported that the activities of productivity from the hi tech Zone business service center service and high tech Zone of Guizhou science and technology institutions. The promotion of small and medium enterprises jointly sponsored by the state limited company, Guizhou witpon public record space, a new three line (Guiyang) investment platform to undertake.

management activities to create a cultural atmosphere for the purpose, to "new discoveries, new opportunities and new development" as the theme, based on the social and market needs, pay more attention to the entity incubator, promote "public entrepreneurship, innovation".   a new venture roadshow, the impact is far-reaching, let more people to the initiation of the idea of entrepreneurship, is to allow more entrepreneurs to find a good platform for entrepreneurs, innovation and entrepreneurship policy further implement.



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