Zheng Academy of Fine Arts students in the school business third year earn one million yuan

with the increasing number of students in the school, but also a lot of successful entrepreneurial model. Zhengzhou University, Academy of Fine Arts, a student from the start of freshman, junior has opened a cultural communication company, the annual turnover exceeded one million.

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art dream earned the "first pot of gold"

3 at the age of painting, the first grade and the sixth grade sketch portrait sketch has been quite mature, high qualified Art Teachers Certificate, high school, college entrance examination training institutions substitute in art school all through…… Zou Wei’s growing experience seems to be telling a story about "God always loves someone special.". He was born with "art cells", he said, "artistic beauty" is his lifelong pursuit.

"when I started college, no entrepreneurial idea, just want to be an ordinary student, to follow the prescribed order class, painting, reading, I hope some day in the future to become a writer." Zou Wei is a professional oil painting, the need to complete a lot of homework every day. However, the vast majority of the works created by the mind will be piled in the corridor, like garbage piled up like a mountain, dust, and finally cleaned up by the cleaning staff.

"eachpainting pour painting feelings, painting inspiration is commendable, as long as these works are framed, have become an excellent art." Zou Wei distressed these paintings, for the first time the idea of starting a business, I hope they have the ability to use them for young artists to create an exclusive platform.

Company need to start, Zou Wei did not reach out to the home for money, did not apply for loans, investment, decision earned the "first pot of gold" office. 3 months, he took up a part-time job, open a Taobao shop, do purchasing, founder of shopping paradise e-commerce platform, traveled half of China, and direct manufacturers to talk about cooperation with the.

2014 April, Zou Wei personally renovated second art education and training campus completed. After the 4 campuses, he spent a year recommended