Vice mayor Wang Zhijian praised entrepreneurial youth

home business at all levels of government to actively encourage the youth to become helping object, and create a more typical, let more foreign residents can see entrepreneurs obtain results, to comprehend the experience of success.

"there must be a person of ideals, not tall, but as long as it can make a contribution to society, beneficial to others, is a good kind of." Yesterday afternoon, held by the municipal Party committee and other departments to see the return of students Yang City Forum, vice mayor Wang Zhijian excellent home to return to the young entrepreneurs on behalf of the wonderful point of praise.

Wang Zhijian Zhao Qian entrepreneurial experience praise at the same time, but also to participate in the forum cordial message to students. He said that education does not mean that ability, no matter what kind of school graduation, have the grassroots, to the courage to exercise. At the same time, we should pay attention to start from small details, learn to respect others, to be a literate person, so whether it is in big cities or small cities, there will be opportunities for development.

students have some concerns about entrepreneurship, which is not conducive to China future economic development, with the more typical set up, believe that college students can realize the difference between ideal and reality, easy to start a business.

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