Sino EU Economic Forum held in Zhengzhou

On the "

Belt and Road Initiative" policy, many people may not know, the inter party Forum on Economic Dialogue "The Belt and Road" is the key. Then, "The Belt and Road" in the end is what? Xiamen and Xiaobian look together!

yesterday morning at 9, the China EU high-level economic and trade forum held in Zhengzhou. The two sides of hundreds of representatives around the "The Belt and Road" under the background of local cooperation, dialogue in Zhengzhou.

Stoilov, deputy secretary of the CPC Henan Provincial Committee, governor Chen Runer, Vice Minister of the CPC Central Committee, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of foreign affairs of, deputy speaker of the Bulgarian National Assembly, the socialist party vice chairman, attended the meeting and delivered a speech on behalf of the president of the Communist Party of China (

). Czech vice president, Jiemo co chairman Philip from more than and 20 European countries, the party caucus in parts of Europe and the European Parliament party leaders and representatives of more than 40 people, the person in charge of municipal government, outside the overseas Chinese Affairs, bureau of Commerce and China one letter, in the 18 provincial (601608, shares), Yutong Bus (600066, shares), Rebecca and other enterprises on behalf of a total of hundreds of guests attended the dialogue.

Chen Runer in his speech on the economic and social development of Henan, he said, as one of the birthplace of the ancient Silk Road, Henan has always played an important role in the economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and europe. 2015 import and export trade in Europe reached $7 billion 520 million in the first quarter of this year exceeded $2 billion 400 million, an increase of 109%. Henan is willing to work with European friends, "The Belt and Road" as a link, deepen economic and trade exchanges, cultural exchanges, expand in the railway, aviation, agriculture, energy, equipment manufacturing and other areas of cooperation.

Stoilov as EU representatives said in his speech, hoped that the two sides can take this forum as an opportunity to better realize the national and enterprise level docking, also hope that Europe can have more and more countries, the parties involved in the "The Belt and Road" construction, further development strategy and pragmatic partnership.

China EU high-level economic and Trade Dialogue Forum hosted by the Henan provincial Party committee, the provincial government and the Ministry of foreign affairs of the CPC Central committee. At the meeting, vice governor Zhao Jiancai and representatives from the Portuguese Social Democratic Party, the Socialist Party of Serbia, as well as Fengshen tire, Shuanghui group, respectively, made a keynote speech, deputy secretary of the provincial Party Committee presided over the meeting of Deng Kai.

in the afternoon, inspect to Zheng’s participation in the activities of the EU representatives also went to Yutong Bus, Zhengzhou international inland port group and Zheng Dong New District etc..

for the Central Party forum economic dialogue, not only to further deepen cooperation between nations, but also can promote local economic development of the country and between. In the future, there will be more policies to adapt to the era of great recommendation