Heilongjiang six services to stimulate entrepreneurial women’s strength

helping women in entrepreneurship, local governments have their own planning. Heilongjiang Province in the women’s Federation led, launched the "six services", the full range of power, women’s entrepreneurship and innovation, with women’s power for social and economic development.

2015, the Heilongjiang provincial women’s Federation, innovative service means, and actively carry out entrepreneurship and innovation of women’s action, to fully tap the women in Handmade, housekeeping services, green food industry employment advantage, coordinate resources, full support, called "Longjiang Qiaonv", "dragon sister home" and "longsao green kitchen" three "the name" working women brand, inspired the majority of women’s entrepreneurship and innovation vitality, cultivate a large number of skills, understanding of business, management, women’s typical groups can become rich, made the work efficiency and the effect of women get benefits.

A is a brand. To build Longjiang Qiao female brand. With the rapid development of the tourism industry situation, explore the organic combination of women Handmade and tourism culture, "Longjiang Qiaonv" registered trademark, relying on the 46 Longjiang provincial Qiaonv demonstration base and 138 Handmade hotshots, developed a number of birch bark, including skin, Mohe embroidery and other rich regional characteristics in Longjiang fashion tour souvenirs, trained 1644 skilled craftsmen, driven by the 186 thousand urban and rural women’s employment and entrepreneurship.

create sister long domestic brand. Adhere to the standardization, professional development direction, strong dragon sister home service alliance, to attract 82 member units, 45 thousand housekeeping staff, the annual service of millions of families in Longjiang. Guide flexible women to participate in the health care services industry to explore a new model of home care services.

create longsao green kitchen brand. With the green food industry, construction, the establishment of "women’s green food industry alliance", the female founder and the female as the main production, processing, sales of women’s cooperative organizations together, promote their ability to develop, projects, funding, technical resources, and enhance the comprehensive strength of joint market, for the "golden in the granary" transformation "green kitchen" with women’s strength.

to build business support platform. Combined with the Provincial Department of Education organized the province’s female college students venture project bidding contest "in 37 colleges and universities in the province, more than 1000 female college students face the competition, a group of female entrepreneurs passion echoes, give full play to the leading role of outstanding female entrepreneurs on female college students’ entrepreneurship, show the era style of female entrepreneurship, stimulate the female college students entrepreneurial passion, and further create a good atmosphere to pay attention to female entrepreneurship and innovation.