How to promote steady growth of Henan’s economy

Henan is a central city in China, but with the development of the past few years, economic development has made remarkable progress. Eighteen years, the average annual growth rate of Henan’s economy remained at 9.6%, higher than the national average of 1.8 percentage points. In the first half of this year, in the face of complex domestic and international situation, the province’s economy is generally stable, GDP growth of 8%, higher than the national average of 1.3 percentage points. So, how to promote the steady growth of the economy in Henan? The following and small series of specific understanding.


not easily won the "stability", as the provincial Party Secretary Xie Fuzhan said, our province is in a crucial period of accelerating the transformation of development mode, adjust the economic structure, development opportunity hitherto unknown challenge is hitherto unknown.

change pressure into power, change the passive into active, change the challenge into opportunity. Our province to seize the main line of supply side structural reforms, the poverty alleviation as a top priority, the reform of state-owned enterprises as a key measure, the air pollution control as an urgent task, positive efforts to reduce costs, make up the short board, forced to capacity, from both supply and demand for joint efforts to bring economic trend of the "new" and "change".

careful combing "analysis" this year 1 to August the province’s economic situation report, this year, the province actively adapt to the new normal economic development, the development of new ideas, focus on the length of the combination, there have been some new changes in the economy: above scale industrial enterprises realized profits steady rise, production and operation difficulties of coal, steel and other traditional industries to ease; the construction progress of new projects more than expected; the situation of energy saving industrial enterprise……

look back through the change of steady growth in the province’s economic growth continued to be higher than the national growth rate on the basis of a more stable growth of quality requirements". The modern service industry’s contribution to economic growth rate of around 50%, creating jobs accounted for 70% of the province’s urban employment, industrial structure three times from "231" to "321 Echelon" evolution, become the active force to promote economic growth, only the electronic commerce building district Zheng Dong a building tax, the amount of tax over the county many of Henan County; the traditional growth momentum in another way, the province’s high growth industry growth of 12%, high tech industry growth of 16.9%, the province’s industrial growth rate is higher than 4.3 and 9.2 percentage points, Anyang Iron and steel group active in the low-end, remove the benefit of the project, to create a project to fill the Henan high-end cold-rolled, iron and steel industry product blank.

steady growth of economic development under the new normal, is to achieve the transformation and upgrading, innovation and innovation as the basic characteristics of the new economy forward, the province’s economic growth is particularly far-reaching significance. Go to the province’s production capacity, cement, coal, electrolytic aluminum production fell by 11.6%, 14.9% and 9.4%; to make up the short board, the province’s infrastructure investment 402 billion 38 million yuan, an increase of 29%, higher than the province’s investment growth recommended