What do you want to know about an antique shop

this is a way to set up shop, the investment market is very popular. However, no matter what kind of investment shops, if the industry is not enough understanding, later want success, naturally very difficult. So, if you want to open an antique shop, and need to know what?

is an open antique shop in this industry threshold is too low a point, professor at the University of farmers can set up shop, this is the tragedy of the industry, according to my experience, that threshold is too low, is not easy to want to do.

two is a antique shop of the people must understand the truth, the relationship between goods inventory and rapid hand to deal with, is the relationship between products and goods should be handled properly, opened the costs and expenses are indispensable, must have the cash flow to maintain their livelihood, otherwise life has a problem, also do what business is it?

so the antique shop in the industry really do well with the strength of the sources of funds, or even received the good stuff, when hungry have to sell as soon as possible, no cash flow, you have no bargaining right to say, when receiving people are not stupid guy. The basic principle of economic life is clear.

three is an antique shop must also be prepared, don’t want to get rich, don’t try to cover up the total shipments, especially since not quite the goods, because the receipt for them is high risk, I have to help a friend in liquidation, I think some people open life shop. In addition to maintain good food and drink, daily expenses in the home is guaranteed, when do not really let go is estimated a roomful of false things, in fact is the profit, profit is not cash but not to sell things or fake, this outcome also makes people uncomfortable.

so I always advise some friends to look for a reason, liquidity is the fatal reason, something in your hand, don’t cover up as soon as possible, shot, although the profit and the expected deviation, but a quick word can develop very quickly.

four is the mobility of open antique shop to ensure adequate supply, jargon said the store must have let people see things, so you have to have people buy goods outside, change a place as we like the acquisition of goods, processing or store things people will not light on your shop, so now the model is the male outside goods, wife in the store, there is a discipline problem, some people keep the buttocks are sharp, impatient, so long as you will find this antique town which is distributed elegant industry? Is the Beijing overpass that area of hodgepodge, look at life.

five is an antique shop owner’s ability to operate is also very important, white to attract others to enter the door and be able to pull on the words, it is hoped that other people’s money into his wallet, so also