What is the fifth wave of nternet start-ups

era of entrepreneurship, the Internet has become a gathering place for entrepreneurs. If you want to succeed in the field of Internet business, then you can hold the Internet is the key to entrepreneurial tide. Some people say that the fifth wave of Internet start-ups has come, then what is it? May wish to find out.

in Beijing, the major Internet Co are competing at the beginning of this new technology in the field of black technology, such as Baidu launched a "Du Ring" ring projector, the maximum can support 50 inch projection screen, a titanium alloy material, diameter of only 18mm, the convergence of the whole network’s wholly-owned source, Sogou launched the "watch movies whenever and wherever possible; wisdom teeth, using human implant new technology, intelligent computing technology combined with the correct pronunciation of big data and cloud, can improve speaking fluency, pronunciation recognition errors automatically, to achieve barrier free communication.

Shenzhen has already come to the front of the police, such as developing UAV AEE; imitation of human skeletal intelligent entertainment robot "Alfa"; even their KPS science enabled Appollo base, and the first to demonstrate the "cloud" aircraft, launched its like iron man armor equipment KPS flight bag in. The first Chinese also marks the official arrival of the era of personal flight; Xinjiang innovation, is to let the distant drone before black technology really came to the crowd, to become a consumer of UAV in the fields of enterprise; international human haplotype map project, rice genome project BGI; released the AMOLED flexible display. Soft technology etc..

At the same time,

in Shenzhen, a variety of "black" forces are formed, the largest of the "black" forces in Shenzhen international industrial design exhibition, even to promote Shenzhen from the "China manufacturing" to "create China", and in November 6th 8 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center held the third session of Shenzhen international industrial design exhibition, with wisdom made the future "as the theme, to participate in the roadshow and interactive way to show off the record of Chinese and foreign outstanding innovative projects, fully display the power of Shenzhen International Center for a guest. Gathered in Shenzhen’s first Fablab flagship store in Shenzhen, the most open laboratory of innovation ability of Shenzhen open space, making the public record factory, Mexico Fablab and other well-known Chinese and foreign guests, a passenger space and creating mechanism, incubator, accelerator and the public to raise the platform.

for entrepreneurs, black technology entrepreneurship and intelligent hardware business are similar in many aspects, is a very high technical requirements of the business, but the black technology entrepreneurship is the most easy to establish barriers to competition, a venture firm foothold in the market the most easily. As long as your product can meet the needs of the market, the advantages of differentiation will help you quickly to the market.

era with each passing day, the continuous development of science and technology, the wave of wave of Internet entrepreneurship wave over a wave, missed the opportunity for development in the future does not matter, behind the entrepreneurial wave must be able to take the lead. With the fifth venture